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Top Reasons to Hire a Dog Poop Yard Cleaning Service
September 6, 2021 at 9:30 PM
An image of dogs who enjoy having a dog poop cleaning service pick up their messes in the yard.

Dogs bring so much into their owners’ lives, like unconditional love, companionship, and enthusiasm for every weekend adventure. But they bring a lot into the yards of their owners, too. Keeping your yard clean when you have a dog doesn’t seem like a difficult or time-consuming task, but you miss a week, and suddenly, there’s a disaster area on your chore list. A dog poop yard cleaning service is your backup plan for keeping your yard clean and focusing on all the good things a dog brings into your life––not the messes. Here are some of the top reasons to hire a dog poop yard cleaning service in Connecticut.

A clean yard makes you a good community member.

You may think that when dog poop is in your yard, it’s only your problem. But dog waste becomes part of runoff water during inclement weather such as rainstorms or after a big snowfall. That runoff water ends up in the water table, entering streams and rivers, lakes, and reservoirs where your community gets its water supply.

Enough dog waste can even close beaches to swimming and recreation. Being a responsible community member means picking up after your dog––even in your backyard.

You’re keeping your dog safe with prompt poop pickup.

Dogs can get sick from their own waste. A dog poop yard cleaning service protects your pup from getting sick from bacteria and other contaminants. Just walking through an area where they’ve pooped before and later licking their paws can introduce dangerous bacteria into a dog’s system. A clean yard is a safe yard.

Know as soon as your dog isn’t feeling well.

Pets are excellent at hiding when they don’t feel well. One of the first signs of something going on with your dog is if their bathroom habits change. A dog poop yard cleaning service will let you know if they notice anything unusual with your dog’s poop. The earlier you know something’s wrong, the sooner you can schedule a vet appointment and get your pup feeling better.

Maintain your yard’s soil quality.

Dog poop isn’t fertilizer like cow and horse poop. Because dogs are carnivores, their poop contains bacteria and waste products that are harmful to soil quality. While many dog owners worry about dead and yellow grass from dog pee, poop that’s left sitting in a yard can leech harmful organic matter into the ground. Poop left sitting for days can cause damage to your grass and flowerbeds.

Keep your family safe.

If your family comprises pets and kids, you may already struggle with keeping your home and yard tidy. Young kids don’t understand why it’s important to avoid dog poop or may not look where they’re going when playing in the yard.

Protect young ones from getting sick and from tracking messes into your home by working with a dog poop yard cleaning service to keep your property tidy.

Spend time enjoying the yard with your dog––not doing chores!

Simply stated, cleaning up the yard is a drag. When you have free time, you’d rather be playing with your pup than picking up old messes. You can hire a dog poop yard cleaning service on your schedule. It eliminates a chore from your busy life, and your yard is always ready for a game of fetch or just hanging outside with the family.

Dog Butler is Fairfield County’s top dog poop yard cleaning service; get in touch for a cleaner yard today!

Since 2009, Dog Butler has been the yard-cleaning service Connecticut dog owners rely on for professional, thorough pooper scooper services. We have a dedicated team of licensed and insured employees who take pride in providing clients with gorgeous yards to enjoy year-round without worrying about messes left behind by their dogs.

In Connecticut, we work across Fairfield and some of New Haven and Armok County in New York. Our goal is to make our clients’ lives easier by providing weekly and bi-weekly dog poop yard cleaning services.