Our Company

We have the best customers and the best employees in Fairfield County!… and, Business is Always Picking Up!

I always wanted to run my own company; be my own boss, make my own schedule, set and accomplish goals.

A USA Today newspaper article I read in 2002 stuck in my head as a realistic way to do this. The story was about a man who started a dog pooper scooper business in the DC area that became very successful. He discovered that lots of dog owners needed/wanted his service.

Ginny and I love dogs. We had three dogs, then; a German shepherd, a black lab and a pointer mix. We were well aware of the daily challenge of cleaning up our pup’s poops. We had developed a very efficient way of scooping.

In 2009, after I was “downsized”, I remembered that article.

We decided it was time to start Dog Butler-LLC!

Ginny and I started with 15 customers that first year. Ginny did the books, we both did the advertising, and I did the scooping.

To promote Dog Butler-LLC we built this website. We use: residential mailings, radio and newspaper advertising, pull tags in veterinarian offices and pet stores. We exhibit at local home shows and dog shows, and we use car signs, and social media to get the word out.

We are very proud of what we have built.

When you call the Dog Butler, you will be talking to one of the owners; most often, Bob. We’ve got a great group of trained, insured, conscientious employees and we all take pride in our personal touch.

We service Fairfield County, Ct. and some of New Haven County, Ct and Westchester County, NY.

Please Contact us for more information about how we can service your doggie poop removal needs.