Dog Waste Removal Services Available for Fairfield County, CT and eastern Westchester County, NY

Once you contact Us, we will discuss your specific needs. During this call we will discuss:

  • How many dogs you have
  • The approximate size of your yard
  • How frequently you would like us to service your area
  • Any specific details or instructions we need to be aware of

At the end of our first discussion, we will provide a preliminary quote and schedule a visit to survey your area. After this onsite inspection, we will give you a final quote.

If you cannot be present for the survey, we can either text or email the quote to you.

After the first service, we will send you a new customer letter. This letter will go into detail about any obstacles or issues we may have encountered, such as locked or blocked gates or fences, aggressive pets. It will also cover company policies. We include information about holidays, emergency pick-ups, or working during inclement weather.

Our scooper will thoroughly clean your yard, make sure all deposits are picked up, and make sure that your area is poo free and once again safe and usable for you and your family. We will then take the poop away and dispose of it in accordance with local laws.