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Get Ready for Summer Parties with Dog Poop Clean Up
June 7, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a dog in a yard after getting dog poop clean-up service.

You’re not alone if your backyard has become a little feral over the winter and spring months. It’s easy to put off backyard maintenance when the front yard––which the neighbors can see––gets top priority. But come summer, your backyard is the perfect place to gather for holiday parties and to celebrate this year's graduates. Luckily, you can get your lawn ready for graduation parties, Friday night barbecues, summer brunches, and more in just a few easy steps. Start with dog poop clean-up for your Connecticut home, and your lawn will look fabulous all summer long.

Prepare your lawn early to keep it lush all summer.

Regular lawn maintenance goes a long way to keep the grass looking vibrant and green throughout the summer months. At the start of the season, and approximately once a month until colder weather, fertilize the yard to give the grass nutrients to grow, stay green, and withstand the impact from regular activity and the occasional party.

Using well-maintained yard tools is critical for making the grass look its best: dull mower blades will cause the tops of the grass to fray and brown, rather than staying sharp, green, and lush.

Spend some time detailing the yard to make it picture-perfect for party memories.

Things like pruning your bushes and trees and weeding your flower beds go a long way to make the yard look great for welcoming guests. Don’t forget to wash outdoor furniture to freshen it for the season, and consider power-washing the patio, walkways, and even siding to give your home’s exterior a summer clean after the winter.

Solar lighting along walkways, hanging lights in the trees or on the deck, and adding planters with colorful annuals give any yard a festive feel that’s perfect for celebrating any occasion.

Spread out the party across the lawn to avoid heavy impact in one area.

People always congregate in one area at a party: by the grill, next to the cooler, or close to where the kids are playing. But heavy traffic can cause excessive wear on even the heartiest of lawns. With a bit of planning, you can encourage people to spread out across your yard so that you can keep your grass in excellent condition.

Place the grill and cooler in different locations to disperse people, and spread out your lawn furniture. Encourage people to relax on your patio or deck with refreshments and plenty of seating.

Hire a regular dog poop clean-up service, so your yard is always ready for the next party!

Keeping your lawn clear of dog poop is one of the best ways to keep it in top condition and ensure you’re always ready for the next graduation party. But, adding pooper scooper chores to your weekly to-do list doesn’t mean you always have enough time to get it done. Not only are dog messes unsightly in the yard, but they can also have a detrimental effect on your verdant grass.

Dog Butler proudly serves Fairfield and Hartford Counties, provides automated dog poop clean-up on a schedule you set; once or twice per week, or once or twice per month. So no matter how many dogs you have, we’ll make sure your yard looks incredible all summer long.

Schedule your Darien, CT dog poop clean-up this month to get ready for your summer parties.

We’re a devoted team of dog lovers helping keep the yards of Connecticut dog owners clean. We built Dog Butler up from the ground over a decade ago into a thriving company that prides itself on exceptional year-round service.

Outsource the poop scoopin’ with Dog Butler’s dog poop clean-up service; contact us to get a free quote based on schedule frequency and the number of dogs in your family.