Bob is reliable, trustworthy, and does a great job, always with a smile. It’s great knowing that he will be there promptly every week to ‘take care of business’. He was the one who told us about the aeration pipe in our mulched area that ‘Texas’ had stepped into while running, making him limp.

Armelle in Westport

We were away from home the Friday before Easter when we realized that the weather was going to be sunshine and 60 instead of the cold and wet forecast. The family Easter egg hunt at our home would be outside now, but the yard was a mess. Zeus weighs 95 lbs and Dover weighs 70. We needed quick pet waste removal service. No one had cleaned the yard for around 6 weeks… you can imagine the challenge. We found Dog Butler LLC online and called them from Boston on Saturday morning. When we drove up our driveway on Saturday evening, and saw the bright yellow DB tag on our front door, my teenager (relieved at not have to scoop poop) cheered, ‘Yeah Dog Butler!’

Gail in Darien

I am 81, and too old to clean up after Jack. I just cannot bend over like I used to. My daughter gave me a Dog Butler Pooper Scooper Gift Certificate for my birthday. I’ve been using them as my pooper scoopers ever since. They do a nice job.

Virginia in Monroe

I’m a contractor by trade. So, I appreciate any outfit that conducts its business with attention to detail. When they told us on the DB tag that Tucker was eating cotton balls, we tracked down the source. My wife is very happy with the service. I believe that Dog Butler folks are great at what they do. They are the professionals at Dog waste removal.

Alvah in Ridgefield

Well Worth the Price

We have a small yard, but Bill and I just don’t have the time to go out and clean up after Kiki and Lola like we used to; especially after Axel was born. The $14 that we pay for Dog Butler each week seemed like a lot at first, but the peace of mind and availability of the yard we now have is well worth it.

Krista in Stratford