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What’s the Easiest Way to Clean Up Dog Poop in the Yard?
November 30, 2022 at 10:00 PM
What’s the Easiest Way to Clean Up Dog Poop in the Yard?

When the question is, 'do you want to clean up the dog poop?' The answer is, ‘no thanks.’ When the follow-up question is, 'who wants a nuisance pet ticket', 'who wants a dead lawn', or 'who wants to step on a surprise', the answer is just as ready: no one.

When it comes to picking up puppy landmines, however, cleaning up after your dog is always better than the alternative. Just because picking up poochie pebbles isn't your cup of tea, doesn’t mean it has to be a total gross-out. Peruse our list of the easiest ways to clean up dog poop in a yard, and make a plan of action. It will be worth it in the long run!

The 7 Easiest Ways to Clean Dog Poop in Yards

Plastic Bags

The obvious, popular choice, especially on walks. Unfortunately, purpose-bought doggie-doo bags aren’t good for the environment. Sure, they may advertise themselves as being biodegradable, but the process of that plastic breaking down just transforms a regular-sized doody bag into little doody-bag scraps. Avoid plastic wherever you can, and if you can't, re-use a biodegradable bag. Future puppies will thank you.

Pooper Scooper

The pooper scooper is the timeless champion of mess control for a reason. This go-to device is a must-have for cleaning up dog poop in the yard. There are classic designs, like the scoop n’ swoop or the grabby-biter, but consider going all in. That’s right, treat yourself to a dog poop vacuum.

NB: a dedicated dust pan and plastic brush that are washed regularly will also work just fine. Take the waste to your doggy compost or the toilet.

Leash Bag Attachment

This is a bait and switch! The first rule still applies: don’t use plastic bags. Instead, consider this walk-friendly poop scoop. This mighty mini allows you to scoop the waste and then carry it home to your dog-safe compost bin. It includes a bag dispenser, but resist! The ick factor is undoubtedly elevated without the bag, but the resulting low environmental impact will last long after you’ve washed your hands.

Freeze It

Liquid nitrogen sprays make picking up tummy-ache poops a breeze. These sprays claim to “freeze” and harden waste to make pickup and disposal easier and less… horrific. Unfortunately, reviews for these magic sprays are mixed when it comes to truly heinous messes. However, for the especially squeamish, simply eliminating the warmth of the waste makes freezing spray worth it.

Now you know the easiest way to clean dog poop in a yard, but a question remains: what do I do with the poop?

Compost It

Do not add dog poop to your kitchen and veggie garden compost. Don’t do it! Dog waste needs its own dedicated compost system. The resulting compost is rich in nutrients and wonderful for non-edible flora and fauna.

Flush It

If cats can be potty trained, you can flush dog poop. Weird and gross? Maybe at first, but come on. Poop goes in toilets. More importantly, city sanitation is comprehensive: no dog-specific germies will make it through the water sanitation process. The EPA agrees: flush it.

Outsource It

The easiest way to clean dog poop in the yard? Don’t! Professionals like Dog Butler make keeping your yard poop-free sustainable and manageable. Of course, you could try to bribe your kids to do it or argue with your partner about whose turn it is, but why waste your breath? Hiring a weekly, bi-monthly, or once-off service is the easiest way to clean dog poop in a yard. Expert dog-doo destroyers have safe, sanitary tools and methods for ensuring that your yard stays clean and poops are disposed of appropriately.

When you’re ready to put down the scooper, pick up the phone or send an email to Dog Butler, LLC in Trumbull, CT. We are ready to make your poo-duty a thing of the past.