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Why Your Business Should Use Dog Waste Removal Services
January 3, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Dog waste removal services can benefit your business in Connecticut.

As a business owner, you're responsible for the experience your customers or clients have both in and surrounding your business. While you may ask foot traffic to clean up after their dogs, people don't always do the right thing or may not have a bag on hand. The result is that messes accumulate surrounding your property. Dog waste that you're responsible for tidying to ensure customers don't accidentally step in it, track it into your business, or complain about it in an online review. Rather than adding another (unpleasant) task to your to-do list, you can hire a dog waste removal service to help.

Dog waste removal services are more affordable than landscapers.

Chances are, if you have a commercial business, you already work with landscapers to make sure your property looks attractive and tidy. Some landscapers will clean dog waste before mowing but only with an expensive surcharge.

Working with a dog waste removal service means your property is always ready for landscapers. Plus, you're never stuck with added fees if your landscaper has first to sweep the property for left-behind dog waste.

Dog waste removal services are essential, especially if your landscaper requires your property to be waste-free before they work. It's convenient to schedule regular services with Dog Butler. We can come to clean your property the day before your landscaping appointment.

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You can trust that your exterior looks tidy and clean.

It’s embarrassing when dog waste piles up on your commercial property. In theory, it only takes a few minutes to keep your building's exterior clean. However, when you're already busy running a business, remembering to delegate the task––or do it yourself––can easily slip your mind.

When you hire dog waste removal services from Dog Butler, you know that professionals will sweep your property and clean it on a regular schedule. Except for inclement weather, we do the chore when you expect, without you having to remember another thing.

Safeguard your customers against unpleasant missteps.

Stepping in dog waste can quickly ruin a day. While it's not the business owners' fault, they often are on the receiving end of an individual's frustration and anger when something unpleasant happens.

When you're running a business that is already full of stress and daily demands, you don't need a customer who is outraged by a run-in with a left-behind dog mess.

Dog waste removal services safeguard your business against clients upset about stepping in a mess. They also ensure that your customers have an experience that's up to your standards.

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Get ready for outdoor events and gatherings.

If you have an upcoming outdoor event or gathering for your business, you want to make sure your outdoor space is clean and tidy. Dog Butler provides one-time dog waste removal services for our clients.

We're thorough and experienced. No matter how much foot traffic the grounds of your business gets, you can invite customers, clients, and the community onto your property for an event—without worrying about the mess left behind by dogs.

Dog Butler provides Connecticut businesses with reliable, affordable dog waste removal services.

We launched Dog Butler out of a desire to run our own business. Since 2009 we've provided reliable, affordable yard cleaning services for our clients. Our service area has grown and now includes Fairfield and New Haven County and even Armonk County, New York. Our mission is to eliminate daily poop scooping obligations for clients so they can enjoy clean and safe yards without hassle.

Dog Butler lets your business put its best foot forward, with a clean exterior, regardless of the traffic around your establishment. We offer hassle-free, reliable dog waste removal services in Connecticut and parts of New York.